The Beginning of a Forest – Starts Here…The Carbonwood Project

Heres a great idea from Central America

Carbonwood Project | Central America
The Carbonwood Project practices “transformational agriculture” by acquiring marginal unproductive land, planting, managing and harvesting non-food source biomass to produce biofuels.
They will plant, manage and harvest a diverse mix of Millettia pinnata, Jatropha curcas, hybrid Paulownia, and Moringa oleifera trees as a socially responsible, transformational tree plantation in the Central America.
The Carbonwood project represents a “farms to fuel” production chain employing a decentralized cost-effective modular biofuel plant model.
Additionally the trees will be useful to remediate heavy toxins from the soil and groundwater and as an erosion control solution on large scale construction projects.
These specefic breeds of trees were selected based on their abilities to:
1.) Grow on marginal afforestation lands;
2.) The trees ability to sequester substantial amounts of CO2;
3.) Representing a non-food source biomass for biofuel production
4.) Been tested, proven, and approved by international agencies for large-scale exportation and can be found on every continent in the world.

The Carbonwood Plantation creates environmental and economic value through:

* Registered Carbon Credits;
* Global afforestation / reforestation / erosion control projects;
* Phytoremediation of contaminated soils and groundwater;
* Non-food-source biomass to biofuel generation;
*Commercial hardwood lumber production;

So go check this great project out at their website.

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