Wish You Had More Time To Fight The Good Fight?

We Understand You Are Busy, We Are Here To Help!

Kids, work or school, errands and just general life make it hard for some to take an active role in environmentalism.

If you will spend a few minutes to submit our webform with a letter to those in our government responsible, we will print your letter and mail it with thousands of others to Congress, the Senate,  state and/or local governments. Of course we will use recycled SFI paper.

Dr Ronald Bishop, a Chemist in the State University of New York College at Oneonta, recently wrote about Fracking:

These activities pose significant chemical and biological hazards to human health and ecosystem stability.

This is  your last chance to STOP fracking before our water supply is poisoned forever! Don’t let the energy companies lies and abuse stand!

*This is a “produced” (polluted) water pit at a frack site


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