Nerd gardening: use an arduino micro controller and sensors to perfect nature.

We here at FutureFarming.Org are working to use the Ardunio Microcontroller to create an affordable sensor. A series of sensors would help gardeners know what they need to add or subtract (organically of course) with less mistakes and no doing unneeded things.

modulesIn the future these could be used on a larger scale to help family farmers with many fields check them all at a glance.

They can auto water, fertilize, everything. And they can be programmed in such a way that they will do anything you can think of.

Auto controlling a greenhouse, tweeting you alerts of problems with your greenhouses or fields (text messages can be done as well), even robot drones with cameras to fly around fields (manually or auto) to check fields with a birds eye view. (Drones can do more than kill…)

We wil lbe working on the prototypes this coming year with code and tips, plus a purchase list to follow!

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