Is Obama Set To Be The Worst Environmental President Ever?

As pressure mounts with the upcoming election season is President Obama on track to be the worst environmental President ever? And why are more people not talking about it?


President Obama made many promises that captured the imagination of young and old liberal Americans, now some years later we see he is just a politician like all the others. He will make “pie in the sky” promises to get elected, but when its time deliver you get only excuses about how hard it is, or how his former position is somehow no longer valid. It is ok to change one’s position on an issue as new information becomes available, this is rational I will agree. But how can continuing, escalating and adding to Americas wars in any way be good? He promised to close Guantanamo Bay, immigration reform, create green jobs, take action on climate change, reform healthcare etc, etc. You could argue he has done what he can, but I do not believe that. So here are some of the bigger fails of the Obama environmental policy.



  Tar Sands and Pipelines.


   Recently held a two week sit in, the White House’s response to this peaceful protest? The Park Police/ D.C SWAT team arrested 1,252 people, even a few famous ones. The Keystone XL pipeline is a danger to eco-systems from Alberta, Canada to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and even as far east as Patoka, Illinois. The Keystone XL has been and is being built in phases. Phase one is from Hardisty, Alberta to Steele City, Kansas then on to Patoka, Illinois, with a stop off in Wood River Il, this was 1853 miles of pipe completed in June of 2010. Phase 2 was from Steele City to Cushing Ok, another 300 miles of pipe that was completed in Feb. 2011. Proposed by 2013 is a 435 mile extension from Cushing to Port Arthur and Houston Texas, AND another 1,179 miles in a second pipeline from Hardisty to Steele City. The second pipeline is to cross the Bakken formation, to tap domestic oil in pristine lands in Montana and North Dakota, yet another amazing violation of nature for only about a one year supply of oil in the Bakken formation, and oil in the tar sands that takes 10 calories of energy to produce one calorie of oil, that’s a major energy loss.

air polution graph

Air Pollution

     Recently a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, author and scientist named  Joe Romm said that allowing Presidents Bush’s proposed smog regulations to be realized would have been better than President Obama’s recent decision to eliminate regulations all together. He did so after asking the environmental organizations to drop pending lawsuits, then he did the opposite of what was promised.

Joe Romm on Countdown




Oil Drilling

     Under President Obama we had the worlds largest environmental disaster in world history. Of course the Gulf of Mexico/ Deepwater Horizon oil spill was not Obama’s fault, but how he and his team handled it IS his fault. And immediately following the final plugging of this well, the President almost immediately allowed drilling permits again, even with no revision of safety and drilling procedures, AND without Haliburton going out of business for their millionth deadly mistake.  And while he was at it, the President recently added exploration in Alaska, even more than President Bush had proposed.



     As Appalachian communities suffer from disease, environmental devastation, excessive flooding and water contamination caused by mountaintop coal removal, the President still has not reduced coal usage, or even tried. . The President has had ample time and backing from the Environmental Protection Agency, Army corps of Engineers and the Dept. of Interior, and yet he supported scams like cap and trade and “clean coal”. First of all I think most of us know the pitfalls of cap and trade, but something that I want Americans to know is that there is no such thing as clean coal. From harvest to burn its dirty EVERY step of the way.



Nuclear Power

     Nuclear power is often said to be the “clean” alternative, and though it may “burn” more cleanly than coal or oil, it produces waste that cannot be disposed of. On top of this the tsunami in Japan recently pointed out how easy it is to have an accidental meltdown as we do somewhere in the world every decade or so.



C.A.F.O.  Closed Animal Feeding Operations and Factory Farms

Though seldom discussed, a lot of pollution, greenhouse gasses and water waste are in the agricultural field. I have never hear the words “factory farm” or CAFO from any Presidents mouth, let alone the “environmental President” which Obama had been labeled when he was elected.


These are only a few of the lies and short sighted policies that Obama has furthered and that our former leaders used to get us where we are. A lot of promises have fallen to the altar of jobs, I hope all those who want oil drilling or coal mining jobs know they are not providing for their children, but killing them. Obama is sending us up the river with no paddle, and water so polluted that the boat will soon begin to melt…we are sinking…hope you can all swim in coal sludge and nitrates.


Or maybe you can all just vote for a better candidate, like our family dog Sappho

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