Improving The Front And Back Yard

Cheery Trees and Plum Trees
Image by Alejandro Hernandez

Even though many places come with a big yard, they are rarely as nice as most people want.   Unfortunately most people do not have a direction when it comes to yard care and design, and they end up keeping up a bit but never having it the way they truly want.  Fortunately designing a yard is not too difficult with a little thought and preparation, and can be the reason a family stays in the residence or moves elsewhere in the future.

The complaint most people have about their yard is the lack of good grass that is patchy and does not look attractive most of the time.  The common grass in many areas is a result of planting the wrong product many years ago and it doing an ok job at surviving and spreading over the years.  Based on the area involved the type of grass can vary greatly.  Often times there are types of grass that will grow and is green throughout most of the year without a lot of care.  Sometimes these types of grass will call for extra work, but with the right tools watering or feeding can be much easier than many think.

Keeping The Intended Functionality

Placing shrubs can be hard to choose where everything goes, but the most important thing is to keep the intended functionality of the yard.  Many people like open ended pathways throughout their yard which requires a decent amount of plants, but also prefer one area to be wide open for various outdoor activities.  Seat swings and tire swings are very popular since they offer a fun and relaxing way to spend time outdoors around friends and family.

Placing trees is one of the most important things that should be considered.  The idea is to keep the area open enough to allow adequate light in, but also block lighting in certain areas for shade during the summer time.  Providing these different environments allows an area to be used often throughout most of the year rather than being useless throughout large parts of the year.  It can be fun to add Fruit Trees as well to give the trees a little bit more function than just providing shade and looks.  Eating from the Apple Trees at home is a memory that people carry with them throughout their entire life.

Lastly adding amenities can provide things to do to get people interested in going outside.  Most people find it fun to swim in a pool, and installing a pool or even just water based activities is a fun past time for everyone.  Another idea is to have a sports area with a small tennis court or brick wall for wall ball or other different types of fun games.

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