5 Gallon Smart Pot Soft-Sided Container Review

Smart Pot 5 Gallon

(Less in bulk) $7.73
Smart Pot 5 Gallon

Plant growth







        • Roots breathe well
        • Durable and light
        • Reuseable
        • Good drainage
        • More envrionmentally friendly than plastic


        • Can overheat roots when outdoors
        • Costs more than plastic
        • 5 Gal has no handles

        The Smart Pot 5 Gallon grow bag is one of the best options for container gardening. The drainage is perfect and the design allows for oxygen to reach the roots better helping growth and keeping the roots from becoming root bound. They come in several sizes and even whole raised bed style bags. I have tried many brands, but few, if any, are made as well.
        Smart Pots are also made in the USA, helping to bolster US jobs and ensuring the Smart Pot is free of dangerous chemicals used in manufacturing some foreign products. These are reusable, washable and have lasted me many seasons both indoor and out.

        If you are considering container gardening in your landscape design, but cannot yet build full raised bed gardens, these grow bags are the way to achieve it.


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