FutureFarming.Org is the official blog of Sustainia Farms in upstate New York.

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Recently FutureFarming.org (an environmental and learning blog) and Sustainia Farms (a newly founded organic micro farm) had to change the structure of our business. Although this will not allow us to give a tax exemption for donations as we had planned, it will allow us more freedom in expressing what we want.

FutureFarming.org is going to begin covering mostly so called “3 rail” issues. Issues that no one else will even touch.

For instance, many environmental groups will preach to you all day about climate change while never telling you that factory farming and meat consumption are the largest contributing factors to those issues. Not to say the work they do to end coal power or oil consumption are in any way wrong, they are also needed. The problem is that often money dictates the way environmentalism is exercised and no real change can happen until this one fundamental flaw changes.

So please feel free to join us as we try to foster a more radical and sustainable form of agriculture and environmentalism and grow a network of like minded individuals and groups willing to take on the big issues and save this little planet and the life on it from being destroyed.