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Losses of honey bee colonies hit 42.1 percent from April 2014 through April 2015, up from 34.2 percent which is the second-highest annual loss to date, the US Department of Agriculture published in a recent report. 

 “If we want bees we need to make space for them.”
– Dr David Heaf, The Bee-friendly Beekeeper

bee plantsil_fullxfull-244482556You may have heard that the honey bee is in real trouble, and you may have even heard a few ways to help. Planting flowers and gardens instead of lawns, buying organic food that uses less pesticides and even keeping bees yourself.


Although the first two may be feasible for many, not all of us can keep bees. City regulations, cost, and the time to learn this ancient craft may be more than many of us can handle.




In response to reports that bee colonies are facing losses two to three times what is normal, has begun a campaign to help people with the desire to help restore the bee populations hook up with the people who have the land and knowledge to keep bees for the sake of preservation. Starting with our own 20 acre campus and working outwards, we hope to help bolster the bee populations in upstate New York. By doing our small part we can help save the honeybee’s.


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