Easy and Productive Herbs using Herb Spirals

I remember seeing the herb garden at FutureFarming’s headquarters last summer, and I noticed it was circular, surrounded by rocks, and with an apparent plan. It may have been planted with the ‘herb spiral’ in mind.

Herb Garden At Future Farming


What is an Herb Spiral?

Locate your herb spiral close to the kitchen for easy harvesting. | The Micro Gardener

Here are some nice examples, followed by a blueprint that shows where to place what herbs. It’s not too late to get this going for the summer!

Herb spiral with compass points. | The Micro Gardener

Giant herb spiral with 50m pathway. | The Micro Gardener

Herb spiral on a small allotment. | The Micro Gardener

Herb spiral within a raised bed. | The Micro Gardener

Click here to enlarge the blueprint, found on Wiki


File:Herb spiral.svg

This blog post at www.themicrogardener.com is what got me thinking about herb spirals!

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